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10 New Kitchen Gadgets Under 500 Rupees In 2020

In today's new technology world Modified gadgets available for us That makes our life easy So in this article you will see 10 new latest kitchen gadgets New kitchen and make your life is easy and also make your work easy Their prices only from 99 rupees to 500 rupees only.

10 New Latest Kitchen Gadgets

No.10 Watermelon Ball 


Watermelon Ball Summer season is coming and we love to eat watermelon and summer season So this is a very cool gadget for for you to enjoy your summer holidays with watermelon This is a gadget which can be used to make watermelon balls This will transform you are way to eat watermelon You can buy this product from the description link at very cheap prices You can enjoy this we are friends and astonished them with this latest gadget  So try it once.    

No.9 Clever Cutter 

clever cutter price india amazon

Clever Cutter Friends I personally like this product This gadget is a hybrid mixture of butter and a knife It is totally made of stainless steel You can use it in in kitchen To cut different fruits and vegetable with the new way It makes your work so simple To cut fruits and vegetable It makes your life and kitchen works is hi you can try You can buy this product only in $2 or or 140 rupees   

No.8 Sharp Shield Gloves

jml sharp shield gloves

we have Sharp Shield Gloves The knife and other finger cut down and bloods come out While cutting vegetables and fruits But to avoid this situation we have a new special gadget for you This website made from special fibre and nylon material That makes it so easy to use and work with it Ram cutting down from the knife Now you can freely use knife without any tension   If you want to buy this material or product you can check out the description box Find the product link there Its price is only 500 rupees.   

No.7  Garlic Chopper Roller 

Garlic Chopper Roller  This is a very good product When use knife for cutting Garlic but it does not cut garlic in small pieces But if you use just This amazing product you will be amazed because it cut the garlic pieces in so tiny pieces You have to only put the garlic in it On any surface Roll It Like a toy and enjoy After this you will see menu tiny pieces of garlic comes out     Because of being an American product its price is little bit higher You will find it online Only at 600 rupees 

No.6 Watermelon Slicer

watermelon slicer

you have watermelon slicer It was easy for you to cut watermelon pieces And it also changes the experience of cutting watermelon What you have to do put the put this slicer watermelon Android get from one side to another side Watermelon watermelon slice will come out from this   It is made up of stainless steel You can and the price of 180 rupees or $3 

No.5 Mango Slicer

Mango Slicer

Mango Slicer Summer is coming Who doesn't like eating mango in summer So this gadget will make your mango cutting experience easy But in today video I am going to show you Amazing gadget Which you can use to cut mango slices You have to only the mango from here you will see and many slices comes out from it, if you want to buy it you can only buy it from Amazon at the price of 500 rupees.

No.4 Handy Chopper 

Handy Chopper Generally we use mixer grinder for grinding aur chopping vegetables But show you amazing gadget that will chat your fruits easily   You have to only put vegetables and fruit in it Now close the the upper lid When stretched string 2 x You will see the fruits and vegetable     Being chopped I if you want to buy it you can only buy it from Amazon at the price of 200 rupees.   

No.3 Turboflex

Turbo flexe Faucet Sprayer_

Turboflex Generally the wash basin pipe Is fixed due to this we cannot move it And we are not able to watch utensils buy our convenience So this amazing pipe will solve this problem You have to only fix this 5 in main pipe line Then you can rotate this pipe at the angle of 360 degree And also you can watch anything anywhere It will make your working easy. if you want to buy it you can only buy it from Amazon at the price of 246 rupees.   

No.2 C-Pump 


C-Pump It is important to wash hands before and after eating food But sometime after eating food our hands got dirty and we have to touch the person face of any hand wash And because of this it got dirty Solution to solve this problem we have a solution   You have to only press the down side of this gadget And the liquid comes out This will make the work easy And you can easily wash hands. if you want to buy it you can only buy it from Amazon at the price of 299 rupees.    

No.1 Watermelon Cube Slicer


when we have cube Watermelon Slicer We used to cut watermelon with knife but with the advanced technology Our way of eating food is also changed There are many gadgets which are available for us like this but this is special   You have to only put this gadget in watermelon And then you will see that the cubes a watermelon Comes out you can enjoy this gives in summer season.   if you want to buy it you can only buy it from Amazon at the price of 299 rupees.    

Hope you have liked one of today's Top 10 Kitchen Gadget articles, if you have liked it then do share an article and follow us to know about such interesting technology gadgets.


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